Here you'll find our current menu and pricing. Feel free to call and place your carry-out orders.
Note: ** Served with a scoop of rice.

Weekly Lunch Specials


11:30A - 3P (Tue - Fri)

Served with: Rice, Soup, Egg Roll, and Dessert



Crispy Pusit (Calamari) $9
Fried squid with vinegar and garlic dip

Lumpia Shanghai $3 (10 pcs) $5 (20 pcs)
Deep fried mini eggrolls served with sweet & sour sauce:
pork, egg, jicama, green onions, carrots, soy sauce, love.

Vegetable Eggroll $4 (2 pcs)
Deep fried vegetable egg roll: tofu, lettuce, jicama,carrots, green beans

Fresh Eggroll Lumpia $6
Spring egg roll with fresh vegetables (with or without) peanuts

Eggplant Tomato Tower $6
Tower of grilled eggplants and tomatoes dressed with
homemade mustard, garlic, chive and cheese

Pork BBQ $4 (2 pcs)
Grilled chunks of BBQ pork on a stick


Nilaga $6
An original house broth with cabbage, potato and your own choice of the following:
Manok (Chicken) $7
Baka (Beef) or Baboy (Pork) $8

Sinigang $7
Sour tamarind soup with tomato, green beans mixed with your choice of :
Manok (Chicken) $8/ Baboy (Pork) $9
Baka (Beef) $9/ Hipon (Shrimp) / Bangus (Milkfish) $10

Tinolang Manok $8
Chicken Soup with bok choy , cabbage, ginger
, garlic and onions in chicken broth

Sotanghon Caldo $9
Vermicelli noodle, garlic and onions in chicken broth


Pancit Bihon $8
Pan fried rice noodles sauteed with chicken, mixed with shredded vegetables

Pancit Canton $8
Chinese noodles sauteed with chicken, mixed vegetables

Sontanghon Guisado $9
Vermicelli noodles sauteed with chicken and vegetables

Pancit Palabok $10
Tofu sauce made with garlic, fish and onions garnished with calamari and scrambled egg over thin noodles

Spaghetti Delight $10
Ground beef, pork, hot dog, parmesan cheese in tomato sauce over Spaghetti noodles; served with fried chicken

vegetable dishes**

Grilled Vegetables $8
Zuchini, yellow squash, red and green bell pepper, onion, soy sauce and olive oil

Chopsuey Guisado $8
A chinese dish of mixed vegetables and chicken

Mongo $8
Green mongo beans, boiled to soften and mixed with oriental spices

Tortang Talong $7
Eggplant omelet

Guinataang Gulay at Hipon $11
Mixed vegetables and steamed shrimp cooked in coconut milk

Pinakbet $11
Kabucha squash, pork, and vegetable dish sauteed in a shrimp brine paste

Laing sa gata $10
Taro leaves with pork and shrimp cooked in coconut milk

Ampalaya con Carne $9
Beef sauteed with bitter melon and soy sauce

inihaw (Grilled special)**

Tapa $10
Tender cuts of seasoned top sirloin beef grilled

Chicken Teriyaki $9
Grilled chicken glazed with teriyaki sauce

Inihaw na Pusit $13
Grilled squid stuffed with green onion, spanish onion and tomato.

Chicken BBQ $11
Boneless chicken thighs, marinated and grilled to perfection

Inihaw Pork $10
Tender strips of pork grilled and served with a special vinegarette


Daing na Bangus $13
Sun dried boneless milkfish, marinated and deep fried

Inihaw Bangus $13
Grilled, marinated whole milkfish

Pla-Pla sa Dahon $14
Fried tilapia with sauteed onions and tomatoes

Sweet and Sour Red Snapper $15
Whole red snapper in sweet and sour sauce

Tilapia $9
Grilled or Deep fried

Tilapia Fillet with Mango Salsa $9
Four (4) fried tilapia fillets with mango salsa

house specials**

Crispy Pata $16
Deep fried pork knuckle

Lechon Kawali $11
Deep fried pork belly served with Filipino style gravy

Kare - Kare $13
Beef oxtail and green beans in peanut sauce; with a side of shrimp brine paste

Tocino $10
Fried cured pork

Longanisa $8
Fried Filipino style sausage

Paksiw na Lechon $10
Tangy pork slowly simmered in vinegar, perppercorn and soy sauce

Beef Steak Tagalog $10
Think slices of angus chuck roast in onion and soy sauce based gravy

Bicol Express $12
Slightly spicy combination of meat , shrimp, squid, and mussels drizzled in coconut milk

Crispy Chicken $9
Breaded, deep fried chicken with a side of banana ketchup

Dinuguan $9
Chunks of pork served in a special gravy

Beef Kaldereta $11
Angus chuck roast cooked in tomatio and pepper based gravy with potatoes and peppers

Menudo $9
Pork and diced potatoes, prepared with tomato and peppers

Mixed Adobo $8
An unmistakable Filipino delicacy; Chunks of chicken and pork marinated in
a special sauce of garlic, vinegar, and black peppercorn


Garlic Rice $6
Jasmine Rice pan fried with garlic

Adobo Rice $8
Fried rice with garlic pork stew

Shanghai Fried Rice $9
Fried Rice with chinese sausage, shrimp, pork and eggs

desserts & beverages

Halo-Halo $6
A refreshing medley of crushed ice mixed with fruit and bean preserves
topped with ice cream and leche flan

Ube Ice Cream $5

Leche Flan $4
Rich custard of egg and milk

Mango Juice $3

Calamansi Juice $3

Soda $1.75
(coke, diet coke, coke zero or sprite)

Coffee (Dark Matter Coffee Co.) $3

Hot Tea $3